September 9, 2016

I want this much. When can I get it?

We create a fixed-scope plan in response to the question of “when will all of this be done?”

There are 3 steps here

  1. Sum the product backlog items

  2. Estimate velocity as a range

  3. Use the sum of the backlog divided by the vel...

August 11, 2015

There are two approaches to estimate tasks

  • Gut-feel

  • Estimate by analogy - A similarity between things on which you can base a comparison. 

    • Triangulate - compare it at least two other stories

When you estimate, it is OK to trust your gut or intuit...

July 19, 2015

Following is my rough notes from Mike Cohn’s Agile Estimating and Planning Course which I strongly recommend. I hope you will find some useful sentences within the lines.

Task Dependency

Task independence

Tasks are not independent in Software Development.


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August 16, 2018

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