We specialize in agile transformation, agile frameworks, change management, design thinking, social strategy, organizational communication, employee motivation and continuous improvement


delivers "the one and only" solution and

sweet spot for organizations where the system has

strongest adaptability to be able to cope with

insuppressible change in the world of complexity



3 things to avoid about

To assume that change will never come

To assume that the incoming change will be permanent

Saying somehow it will change and disregard


Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership Program examines in depth how the teams should be established and expanded within the organization from

6 basic points of view.

Scrum Trainings

International Scrum Institute™

Scrum Master (SMAC)

Scrum Product Owner (SPOAC)

Scrum Team Member Accredited Certification™ (STMAC)

Agile Transformation

to get people engage interactions

to get people improve work

to help people to delight customers

Agile Outsourcing

Agile Coach

Scrum Master

Product Owner

outsourcing & consulting

Design Thinking

Design thinking approaches and entrepreneurship for successful and sustainable agile, design and cultural transformation

Change Management

Is change required? What could we change? How?

What is the leaders position when the organization is changing?


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